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Easyhits4u is the TOP ONE surfing to earn website nowadays. It established at 2003, in past 8 year, it still maintain good reputation. It pays 0.3 CPM ( surf 1000 pages and give you 0.3 USD) and 1:1 traffic exchange.

When you 1st level referrals surfed 100 pages, you will be credited fro 0.1 USD bonus one times only. Even your referral surfed for 1000 pages, you will have have extra bonus.

You can earn 5 level of referral for credits only 10% – 5% – 3% – 2% and 1 %.  Hence, if you want to earn, you need to surf yourself even you have lots of referral but them can helps to earn credits.

In order to get credits, you need to click any of the identical image or do simple maths and click on the correct answers.


You will also earn some text impression, banner impression, credits during surfing.

Min. cash out is 3 USD via Alertpay or Paypal.

Lots of people got paid already!

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